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Top Tips Think vector, vector, vector!

Beautiful new designer Holly, explains why vectors logos and files are often best and why providing them early on in a project can avoid potential delays and headaches

Since joining Simply Beautiful Print I have learned numerous things about print and design, I have spent time observing different aspects of the business and one of the most common things I’ve noticed is the confusion around the need for vector logos. So the big question is, what is a vector? There are two main types of graphics used in print design and reprographics; raster graphics and vector graphics:

Raster Graphic

Filepath is typically BMP, TIF, GIF or JPG
A raster graphic is made up of many square-shaped pixels of various colors which together create an image. These look crisp at first glance but when zoomed in you can see each pixel, which can sometimes make images/logos appear blurry when enlarged.

Vector Graphic

Filepath is typically AI, PDF, SVG or EPS.
Vector graphics are composed of a series of paths, also known as outlines. These have a mathematical connection to each other so that when the size is adjusted the relationship between each path is always maintained and proportional. This ensures a crispness to the vector image no matter how large they are made. Vector outlines also provide a cutting path, for example, if we are producing 3D letters or vinyl logo decal etc.
Vector is best! We ask our clients to supply vector logos because they are fully scalable and editable which is perfect for us to use for all sorts of print work, from small business cards to large format print and we can scale them up & down without losing any quality. In addition, as vectors are infinitely scalable they can have a small file size no matter how large they are whereas rasters sizes are dependant on the size of the image. If you are unsure if you have a vector logo it can be a good idea to provide us with all the formats that you have on file, and if possible you may also be able to contact the people who originally designed the logo for you. Try and do this as early on in the project as possible to minimize any potential delays!

Have all fonts been outlined? If you are a client trying to source a vector of your logo it can also be wise to check with your designer that they have outlined any fonts that they have used in your logo and/or straplines. Outlining a font converts them into a scalable vector. An AI, PDF or EPS file can in some cases still contain the original editable typeface as a font, if these are supplied un-outlined there is a risk that we may not have the font on file and so it will become missing in the design.

What if you don’t have it in a vector? Don’t worry! If a client cannot supply us with a vector logo we can redraw their current logo as a vector, we charge this individually depending on how intricate the design is but typically can take around 1/2 hour. We provide an estimate once we have a visual of what needs to be redrawn.

Beautiful Holly AvatarHolly joined the Beautiful team in November 2019. Her role of Beautiful Communication see’s her designing an array of print for customers and working on rebranding projects. In addition, she supports the Office Manager with the company’s own website and marketing communications.  Holly is a graduate of the University of Brighton with an impressive portfolio behind her. She brings photography skills to the company and takes all the product photography for our website. She can also be seen out and about taking amazing project photography for our blog. Most likely to: say yes to a sausage roll for our weekly team ‘Gregs Fridays’!

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